An auditory processing evaluation is recommended when an individual has difficulty taking in verbal information, but does not appear to have a hearing loss.  This type of evaluation assesses the ability of the auditory nervous system to carry the auditory information from the ear to the brain without distortion.  

Some symptoms of an auditory processing disorder may include:

Difficulty hearing in noise or on the phone 

Difficulty following multi-step verbal instructions

Delayed response to verbal questions

Difficulty in school when material is presented verbally

Difficulty with sounding out words in reading

Difficulty with spelling

Difficulty with foreign language

Unable to comprehend emotional context of speech


The evaluation  process takes approximately two-three hours (an evaluation of the patient's hearing is included if not done prior), and the individual must be at least 7 years of age.  After test scores are calculated, a 1-hour conference is held to discuss the results and recommendations.