Other Hearing Aid Services

Evaluation of Presently Worn Hearing Aids


If you have previously purchased hearing aids elsewhere, and don't feel that you are obtaining maximum benefit from them, you may bring them to our office to have them re-evaluated and possibly reprogrammed.  We will need a copy of a recent hearing test to help us evaluate your aids.  If you do not have a recent test, we can evaluate you at  our office.



Many hearing aid repairs can be done in the office:  replacement of external parts, modification of shells, modifying aids so they are more "user friendly" for the elderly,  etc.  More complicated repairs can be sent either to the original manufacturer or to an all-make repair lab.  Manufacturer and lab repairs generally carry either a 6-month or 1 year warranty.

We also carry assistive listening devices, batteries, filters, and other ancillary equipment for hearing aids.

A note on pricing


All manufacturers usually make each model of hearing aid at three different technology levels.  The lowest level has the least sophisticated function and a little less flexibility in programming for the audiologist.  The highest level usually includes the latest and most complicated advances.

 The lowest level hearing aid is generally priced around $1700-1800,  with the highest level around $3000-3200 for each aid.  Often, the lowest level is the most appropriate for the  individual who does not need or want the newest "bells and whistles".