The Port Washington Hearing Center was most recently involved in  the following studies:

1.  Hearing Aid Use and PerceivedSocial Isolation Among Older Adults:  Weinstein, Barbara, and Sirow, Lynn (in conjunction with theGraduate Center, City University of New York).

This study explored the relationship between hearing aid use and perceived loneliness.  A study done in the Netherlands (Pronk et al., 2013) found a relationship between untreated hearing loss and the development of loneliness.  Our study questioned whether hearing aid use can diminish the perception of social isolation in older patients.  Test measures include the DeJong GierveldLoneliness Scale (1985), and the Hearing HealthcareIntervention Readiness Scales (Weinstein, 2013).  The results of this study were presented at the HEAL Conference in Lake Como, Italy in 2013, and reported in the American Journal of Audiology, March, 2016.


2. RELATING WORKING MEMORY to Compression Parameters in Clinically-Fit Hearing Aids:  Souza, Pam, and Sirow, Lynn, (in conjunction withNorthwestern University).

This study examined whether measures ofworking memory are good predictors of which manufacturer's hearing aids will work best for the patient.  It was presented as a poster at the meeting of the American Academy of Audiology in 2012, as an article in the journal "Hearing Practices" in 2013, and was published as a study in the Journal of American Audiology in November, 2014. 


3. Using Tests of Temporal Processing (Gap Detection) to predict          Hearing Aid Compression Characteristics:  Sirow, Lynn

This study examined the relationship between tests of gap detection and hearing aid compression algorithms.  It was published as part of an article in the journal "Hearing Practices" in 2009.



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